it's 2019

Now that we are settled into 2019, the fitness resolutions have worn off and we are back to business as usual. Those six pack abs probably won’t happen, so let’s talk about a couple design trends we can count on for 2019!

natural wood colors outdoors.jpeg



warm, neutral, and full of jute

Biophilia suggests that humans have the innate need to connect with the natural world and each year, people continue towards the notion of bringing the great outdoors in. 2019 is the year to get in tune with mother nature and here are a few ways the landscape will come inside this year:

A move away from cool grays and towards warm neutral colors will be used in cabinets and paint this year. Pair these tones with natural wood floors, countertops, and furniture to create a tranquil home. Your home will feel naturally inviting and almost spa like to you and anyone who visits.

The shift towards green living will continue to make its way into the world of design and how we think about the longevity of our homes. Sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay will become prominent in accessories and art. Jute light fixtures are a great way to add texture and life to any space.

Mixed materials 328 Interior Design Denver Littleton.jpeg

mix it up.

Modern design is known for uniformity, but in 2019 an abstract take on nature will be present in organic shapes and furniture with soft lines . Adding a few new pieces with interesting fabrics, textures or patterns and mixing them with your existing furnishings is a great way to create a fluid look and add to the coziness of your home.  Feel free to mix traditionally distinct styles by overlapping woods, metals, fabrics and textures in your home.  Mixing Boho and Modern styles by layering clean, uniform fabrics with interesting patterns and bright colors will be one of many intermingling styles to show up in 2019.

Pantone 2019 trend color of the year living coral .jpeg

be daring

colors. patterns. shapes.

While materials will move to mimic the environment, color will be as bold as ever. The Pantone color of 2019 has been declared as “Living Coral.” This bright hue is the epitome of nature and speaks to the joyous and optimistic feeling we are constantly seeking. A combination of blush, dusty pink and bronze fabrics, art, and accessories will instantly update a neutral room to be perfectly on trend for 2019.

And while there may be many things you wish to forget from the eighties, they are back in a big way through a trend called the “Memphis movement”. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco and Pop Art, the Memphis movement influenced geometric furniture, architecture and household items with bold primary colors. These primary colors will be used in paint, fabrics, accessories and rugs to create drama against black and white architectural elements.

Accent walls are going to become less popular this year, but if you just covered a 20’ wall with a bold pink striped wallpaper, don’t freak out! Rather, tell a story with your accent wall by repeating your accent’s themes throughout the room or your home. This repetition creates uniformity and causes the eye to look around the room while using the accent wall as a focal point. The color or pattern you use can be repeated in pillows, art and accessories.

2019 will be an exciting year for design and whether you want to mix it up and try something bold or stick with a classic and timeless option, 328 Design is here to help find your perfect fit.