the year in kitchens and baths

We skimmed the surface of design trends for 2019 last month and now that we have you thinking about bright colors and bold patterns, let’s dive down deeper into specific what we will see in kitchens and bathrooms this year!

black cabinet crop.png

be bold

black is back.

Too bold for many, black will be at first only for the brave but will soon become the next big thing. Many have dipped a toe into this trend with a dark blue or grey and when mixed with white countertops, backsplash, and walls, black cabinets will ground your kitchen for a high-contrast and chic look. While the white subway backsplash has been a staple for years, look for it to move into its own in 2019. Subway will be stretched, turned and twisted to move away from the traditional stacked look and provide a point of interest. Herringbone, chevron and braided patterns made from elongated subway tile will make their way into kitchens this year!

If the idea of black cabinets makes you shiver, an evolution in the cold whites and greys we have seen in years past will evolve into warm white cabinetry and dark toned countertops. Bold colorful or patterned backsplashes will pair well with this look.

kitchen design modern outdoor option

And as we mentioned in our last post, the idea of creating a cohesive indoor/outdoor space will be most popular in the kitchen - it is after all the space where friends and family gather the most! Large window walls or collapsible windows/doors will blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors. Window walls are a great way to create an integrated space; feeling open on a day to day basis and creating the flexibility for your home to expand when you have a large gathering. Feel that fresh breeze on your face!

free standing tub solitary tub standalone.jpeg

take care

in the best way possible.

free standing sanctuary tub for interior design with a view and candles

The bathroom will become an oasis again. Self-care makes us feel fabulous and now we will create an equally as fabulous space to perform these sacred routines. Free-standing bathtubs will continue to be an important piece of a master bathroom, but isolating the bathing area will create a spa like feeling in the home. Consider adding a low cost electric fireplace for ambience. If you don’t have the space or your budget doesn’t allow such upgrades, aromatherapy candles are a great way to create a relaxing environment. If you really have room to spare the term “destination tub” is an environment all on its own. These free-standing tubs are completely separate from the main bathroom, incorporating natural materials and elements like greenery to create a feeling of sanctuary. 

On a more practical note, if you’re remodeling your bathroom consider easy to reach shower controls opposite of the shower head versus installing a high-tech shower control panel. This is an inexpensive amenity keeping you out of the line of fire when turning on your shower. Drying stations are also an added luxury that combine storage, seating and ease of access when exiting your shower.

For those of us with a bit less room to spare, bathroom trends to be on the lookout for include long linear tiles installed vertically to make a space appear taller and more open. Floor to ceiling glass shower enclosures are also a great way to make smaller space feel grand!