the perfect island

The island is the centerpiece of the kitchen. And as the centerpiece, extra care must be given to its design. An island can have many different purposes, and as you think through your new kitchen, asking yourself why you want an island will help you create a more functional and beautiful kitchen.

What is the primary purpose? Prep? Storage? Social? Your purpose should define how the island is designed. If it is for prep, do your best to keep appliances on the perimeter of your kitchen. A sink or cooking surface in the island will cut down on usable counterspace. Appliances can also be a negative if you want the island to be a social hub. No one wants to be splattered by grease as they munch on waffles before school or sip a cocktail during a dinner party.

custom bookshelf wine rack in kitchen island in denver colorado by 328 interior design

Once the purpose is defined consider where the island will be placed. If there are no direct sight lines you can skip the extra spend on aesthetics. If it is part of a larger area or room you may want to consider making one or more sides look more furnituresque (A perfect spot for a wine rack!) And what about height? Going back to the primary purpose can help here. If social is your main goal but you ended up with a sink in the island, a multi-level look can block the sink and create a defined area for prep and relaxing. And if prep wins out, go with a single level for the most functionality.

At 328 Design Group we specialize in building beautiful and functional homes and we’d love to talk more about your kitchen and help you define your space.