it's for you

You're buying a sofa that would look perfect next to the chair you found last week. But you have questions.

What am I not thinking of? Is the sofa deep enough for times when I accidentally watch an entire season of Scandal without getting up? Or maybe I should get something a bit more formal for entertaining? The 96" sofa fits...but barely. Will it still look OK? And maybe I should redo more than just the living room. But where do I stop? The questions just keep coming. 

So you Google. For hours. And survey Facebook. You look at every photo on Pinterest. And every answer is the opposite of the one before it. You need someone to weigh in. But is a designer for you?

Your home is personal. And while online resources can be great for inspiration, they aren't always 100% you. And 328 Design wants your home to be 100% you. In every situation.

We don't think design should be exclusive. So 328 offers a service for every type of situation. For an hour helping you re-arrange your living room. For full service design, where every step of the process is taken care of. Or for when you feel a little stuck and need direction on just a piece or two.

We want you to love your home. We can make sure you do. Because great design really can - and should - be for everyone.