design is you

Hiring an interior designer can be a big decision.  They are helping shape where you live. So how to decide? A few things to look out for as you interview.

Compatibility. Are you being heard? Understood? Part of hiring a designer is their skill in making the intangible come to life. If you describe that your home needs to be airy and fun, can the designer show what that means to you not them?

Flexibility. Does your designer come with a predetermined set of ideas? Or are they using your priorities and adjusting accordingly? The designer designs for you, sharing the benefits and drawbacks of opposing decisions.  

Conscientious. What matters to you should matter to your designer. Are you respected and cared for? How do they listen and focus on your goals? What is their process to make sure everything gets taken care of on time?

Take your time in making a decision. Weigh the pros and cons. And don't decide based on who is available to start today. Sometimes waiting for the right interior designer is the best decision you can make.